Stacey Eden Stands Up For Muslim Couple Being Racially Abused On Train

  This is the moment a brave young woman intervened to stop a commuter allegedly racially abusing a Muslim family on a train . 
Stacey Eden, 23, filmed the altercation this week as an elderly female is heard bad mouthing Islam to a woman wearing a hijab.

  She posted the video of the incident on Facebook where you can hear her question what the Muslim family had to do with any of the ISIS atrocities being levelled at them.

Ms Eden’s footage begins with the woman in red saying to a woman in a hijab opposite her: “Why do you wear it for a man that marries a six year-old girl?

The Muslim woman, who is sitting with a bearded man and a baby in a pram, does not respond.

Ms Eden interjects to say: “She wears it for herself, OK? She wears it because she wants to be modest with her body, not because of people like you who are going to sit there and disrespect her.”

The abusive passenger then brings up the Lindt cafe siege in Martin Place and says to the woman: “Your kids behead people.”

“That’s not her doing it. That’s a minority of people, not a majority of people,” says Ms Eden, growing increasingly angry at the abusive passenger

‘Thank God for Stacey Eden’: Muslim man who was racially abused with his wife on Sydney train thanks ‘legend’ woman who stood up to their attacker… and recorded the brutal tirade on her phone


Stacey Eden Stands Up For Muslim Couple Being Racially Abused On Train

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