One million Xbox One sold in 24 hours

 A week after the release of the PlayStation 4 in North America, it is the turn of Microsoft. Microsoft has released the Xbox One with a different strategy. Rather than opting for a progressive launch in several countries, the company chose to market simultaneously its console games in 13 different countries  (United States, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand)

  After the first 24 hours of commercialization, Microsoft was pleased to have sold 1 million copies of their new console. A score that the  competitor console Sony Playstation 4, also 
reached to 24 hours. PS4 was launched just in 2 countries :United States and Canada last 15 November .Two launches with very different price scales. Remains to be seen how the Sony console will be welcomed in the remaining countries.

Which console do you prefer?

One million Xbox One sold in 24 hours

via samsungtuto http://samsungtuto.blogspot.com/2013/11/one-million-xbox-one-sold-in-24-hours.html


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