PS4, Xbox One: the defects of consoles”next-gen”

  PS4 and Xbox One the monsters of technology, however, does not reach perfection. Low battery controllers, incompatibility with certain technologies, accessories too indiscreet … Here are 8things you may not know and do not lean in favor of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft.


The “old” games offside:

This is not really a secret but it remains one of the biggest flaws of consoles “next-gen” your Xbox 360 or PS3 will not work on the new generation of consoles. For the nostalgic or collectors, it will have to find a place for both consoles under the TV if you want to continue to play your old songs.

No Blu-Ray 3D:

The two monsters technology will be able to play Blu-Ray Ultra High Definition (resolution four times greater than the current High Definition) 3D but was shunned by both manufacturers. Yet it is that Sony is behind the Blu-Ray 3D screen but the manufacturer does he seem to want its new console-compatible with this technology. Pending a future update to fix this missing?

Impossible to use external hard disk:

PS4 and Xbox One will integrate 500 GB hard disk for storing videos, games, or other dematerialized data. But can not connect a USB key or external hard drive to expand the storage space: consoles from Sony and Microsoft does not detect.


Low autonomy for the joystick:

This is perhaps the biggest downside of the new controller from Sony: according to the website dedicated Polygon, who played more than 100 hours with the accessory, the DualShock 4 holds only 7-8 hours without being recharged. By comparison, the PS3 controller was held 30 hours under the same conditions

No MP3 launch:

Another compatibility problem for the Sony console: the most popular format music files, MP3, can be read on the PS4. Or at least at launch, since the Japanese firm has raised the possibility of correcting this defect at the time of a future (but not dated) update.

No sharing on YouTube:

The game is king on YouTube: some bloggers are filming in effect for several hours in front of their console commenting their exploits to share ensuitesur video site of Google. Xbox One as on PS4, the player can record what happens on the screen while playing. But sharing these clips on YouTube will be available on Xbox One and not the PS4.


Kinect Listen to you :

Kinect is the main (and essential) accessory Xbox One: the motion sensor, coupled to a high-definition camera, has been significantly improved since the Xbox 360 version. But Kinect is (unfortunately) also sensitive to sounds: for example, if you hide behind an obstacle in a war game and your phone starts ringing in your living room, the enemy will hear and will surprise you. A feature that will disable it before each game to avoid unpleasant surprises.

No loan dematerialized games:

Collectors prefer games in their plastic boxes, some rely instead on the all-digital. Downloading games will be available on both consoles but these securities may be loaned to another player on Xbox One, unlike the PS4. If you are sharers, rather bet on the Sony console.

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PS4, Xbox One: the defects of consoles”next-gen”

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