Try ms Dos Operating system without installing

  You can now simulate the first operating system to Microsoft’s MS-DOS that and live the nineties of the last century.

  DOS is an operating system, is it the most famous and best-selling version is MS-DOS and is an abbreviation for Micorosoft Disk Operating Systeme This system was released in 1981 for the first time to run on IBM hardware.

  The PCE.js project  allows you to simulate the operating system MS-DOS on your browser is enough to open the link and wait to be loaded system and start to try it.

  To test this system click Here

Wait until the system is loaded on the page and you’ll see the program interface in the following form :

You can start Write DOS commands I suggest you try the following commands:

CD – change the file
COPY – copy a file
DEL – delete the file
DIR – list of files located
EDIT – open a text editor
FORMAT – tormat the hard disk
HELP – backs assistance
MKDIR – Create a new folder
RD – folder survey
REN – change the file name

Try ms Dos Operating system without installing

via samsungtuto http://samsungtuto.blogspot.com/2013/11/try-ms-dos-operating-system.html


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