Appearance the first problem in the PS4

PS3 players are likely to have known , the Yellow Light of Death, this little yellow light on the earliest models which condemned moult machines case. If worries about all consoles exist, we would have hoped that the PS4 réchapperait but it will not happen . Sony confirmed that 0.4 % of PlayStation 4 were defective , a relatively large number, and the first North American buyers of the beast are already cool with a phenomenon called Blue Pulse of Death or Blue Light of Death .

While many feared the Red Line of Death – which is ultimately a simple indicator of overheating sensibly non-hazardous for the system console, but still indicates that it is best to turn to the left rest – it is the blod or bPod concern the community. Many players have complained about Amazon , Twitter or via YouTube videos when lighting the PS4 , while the light line of the console is supposed to turn from blue to white before the signal is received by the television the blue light is blocked , and the machine then starts again.

The only solution found so far is when the system is stuck in this second state , stay press the power button off / to turn off power , unplug the PlayStation 4 , reconnect and restart . Sony does not give specific instructions to correct the problem or to explain its cause or its consequences also advised to check the hard drive and is well placed to ensure that the cable connection to the TV is functional. Gary Whitta , PC Gamer, explained that the only way he found to avoid the occurrence of this concern was repeated to install the 1.50 firmware via a USB stick, the other showing problem occurs with the use of a different Sony HDMI cable. In case of total failure to correct this unexpected , you can always send your console to Sony or reduce your dealer to get a new one , hoping that it is functional .

Although not as lethal as the Red Ring of Death or also be a harbinger announced that the Yellow Light of Death death, the Blue Light of Death is therefore likely to plague many players who will either take time to correct the problem using many methods proposed by the community and that do not work in all cases , or be obliged to exchange the console as they expected to have in their hands.

Appearance the first problem in the PS4

via samsungtuto http://samsungtuto.blogspot.com/2013/11/appearance-first-problem-in-ps4.html


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