How you spent your time this week? Google has the answer

  How I spent my time this week on the Internet?Strange question but Google has the answer with their new service that let you know the places you have visited , words that you search it in the Google search engine and videos during  the full week.

  Activity Report is a test service from Google will give you a weekly report about your activities on the web depending on your Gmail

  After the access to the service from here, select your time zone (it is necessary), also agree to the terms, click on registration then you must wait for a full week to receive a message to your email address containing the following information:

  • Account Sign-ins:
    • Location
    • Browser
    • Platforms

  • Authentication Changes:
    • Alternate Email Addresses
    • Application-specific Passwords
    • Connected sites, apps and services

  • Google Latitude:
    • Visited Places
    • Recent Trips
    • How you spend your time per week

  • Google Mail:
    • Emails sent (Number and percentage growth)
    • Emails Received
    • Most Contacted

  • Web History:
    • Searches
    • Top Queries
    • Search type

  • YouTube:
    • Views of your uploaded videos
    • Most popular uploaded video
    • Viewers’s locations

      The new service of Google still in the process of testing, where the report may contain a Low error rate,especially on Google Latitude to determine the places that you have visite during the week, compared with identify places in Foursquare and Facebook Places.
      The service actually worth trying and participate also, they are trying to near more from your conduct on the Internet.

    How you spent your time this week? Google has the answer

    via samsungtuto http://samsungtuto.blogspot.com/2013/11/Activity-Report.html


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