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App PlayStation available on (Android) and (IOS)

  The japanese Sony launch their new application (app PlayStation) on the operating systems (Android) and (IOS) few days before launching their new platform for games PlayStation 4 this month ,the application referred will not interact just with the platform PlayStation 4, but also with the network(PlayStation Network).

  The new application of Sony on operating systems (Android) and (iOS) give the users of PlayStation 4 the possibility to discuss and talk with their friends about the games and also receive notifications and alerts and invitations to play, as well as follow-up activities of Friends special  and what they do At that time, and also to compare awards obtained between the players.

  The advantage of the new application that allows access to the e-store PlayStation add to that they have the ability to listing the download games well to another great features waiting the launch of the new gaming platform from Sony.

App PlayStation available on (Android) and (IOS)

New application android, android

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