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Reports:Microsoft choose its new president!


Steve Ballmer
Steve BallmerSteve BallmerSteve Ballmer

 Following the approaching departure of President General Manager of Microsoft ( Steve Ballmer) for the company, following recent claim to find his successor in the earliest times , which was confirmed by a number of media as the Board of Directors of Microsoft has succeeded already in reaching agreement on the path the new company.

   According to Chinese website WPDang which quoted unidentified sources , the Board of Directors of Microsoft, which has among its members (Bill Gates) has finally decided to assign this course responsibility at this time to Chief Operating Officer within the company (Kevin Turner ), who will serve managing director , replacing (Steve Ballmer) , but sources Chinese website indicated that the new president which replaces steve ballmer will remain in his position only two or Tlat years before he left his place of President former general manager of Nokia ( Stephen Web ), which he joined Microsoft’s recently after the acquisition carried out by following the recent Nokia is This means that ( Kevin Turner ) will lead Microsoft at some point  and that will last as we have between two and three years.

   If true, following the news, it is difficult to determine the reason behind this decision from Microsoft in the adoption of two presidents in a short period , but may be the reason to choose (Kevin Turner) in order to manage the transitional phase is to implement the plan (Steve Ballmer) in combination

Is expected to come out in the near future , Microsoft made ​​a statement to clarify things and confirm whether they are following the news really true .

Reports:Microsoft choose its new president!

Steve Ballmer, microsoft

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