Facebook launch Facebook Messenger 3.0 to compete with WhatsApp

Facebook has finally launched the new version of its conversation instant (Facebook Messenger 3.0), the spectrum of the two operating systems Android and iOS, the spectrum in an attempt by Facebook to compete with WhatsApp service which is the first in the world in instant messaging services.


The new update for instant messaging Facebook Messenger 3.0 is inspired by a lot of WhatsApp considered a change from previous versions of it, especially at the level of design, and the contact list are divided into two sections, the first section for all persons in the list and the second  only the online persons.


The important point change in this update is the new request enter your phone number exactly like on the service WhatsApp or Viber, for example,  in order to facilitate any connection between the two people have not had the Commonwealth of friendship on the social networking site but it remains important.


It is clear that Facebook is betting for the success of its service for instant messaging on a huge base of users of its social network, which is estimated at billion subscribers may qualify to compete with WhatsApp and why not dislodge from first place.




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